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Fi's Current Investigations

Is it true that certain people have Guardian Angels or spirit guides around them? Why only certain people, why not a whole family?
What I thought to be a "normal" town, is quite the opposite. Here in this town of Lewiston Maine the strangest things keep happening to my family and I. After my family got into a severe car accident on July 4th, we see pizza places with my mom's best friends name, an ice machine with another one of her friends last names, nurses my mom has have last names of friends and relatives back home. The hotel room we were staying at was last rented by a man with the last name of onther one of my mom's friends.
Are all these things happening so I can reevaluate my life, and what is important or is somebody trying to tell me to slow down and that life can change in a blink of an eye and I should enjoy it while I am here?